Shawl “Magic of the night

In a dark blue velvet boundless
Stars-beads burn like Sapphire.
In the world fantastic or real
Angels from heaven look at us.

Smell of a flower bouquet
Night-magician comes to the house,
Singing songs and sonnets,
Decorating lunar silver

Small stitches and paths,
To run only barefoot.
Night a quick, soft flexible cat
Makes up and whispers on an ear,

That has come it is time appointments secret,
And recognitions quivering in love.
Darkness time always is slightly sad.
Time of partings to a dawn.

T. Lavrova


Shawl “Magic of the night”

Size: 70х70сm

Materials: silk-shifon, 100% silk

The edge was processed by the embroidered fringing.

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