Embroidery has become indispensable in the line of modern fashion. Most often embroidery can be found in the items of clothing and accessories. such as shawls, kerchiefs, palatines, ties, cache-nez, capes, handkerchiefs and umbrellas. Elements of embroidery on clothing allow one to highlight and individualize their style, to emphasize beauty and charm of an item of clothing.

One can also find embroidery on the items of the interior such as napkins, table cloths, curtains, lambrequins, cushion pillows and bed linens. Elements of embroidery on the items of the interior help to create an atmosphere of coziness, comfort and relaxation, allowing one to leave the fuss of the outside world behind.

An Embroidered paintings, flowers and other works of art, which can be rightly named “needle paintings”, stand out since after all both embroidery artists and painters use identical palettes of paints and colors to create a piece of art. Such works of art epitomize creativity of an artist and thus cannot be seen in everyday life often.

A unique feature of Tatiana Kadyseva’s works is that she manages to combine more than 30 various techniques of embroidery in every item. One of the most often used embroidery techniques is smooth surface – a type of embroidery that is carried out by a number of densely laid threads of color on fabric, forming a pattern. There is a variety of kinds of the smooth surface technique.

The satiny smooth surface is carried out by a seam of direct stitches of different sizes. In a shadow one-color smooth surface light effects are turned out at the expense of different direction of stitches and the reflection of light from the floor surface.

The multi-color shadow smooth surface technique has an aim of likening the color tone of such embroideries to real-life natural colors of the objects represented, and to transfer a play of colour and color shades.

Russian decorative smooth surface technique represents a combination of decorative grids and other kinds of smooth surface embroidery techniques.

The smooth surface painting-like technique is used for the embroidering of pictures, paintings and works of art. It is based on the rules of the shadow smooth surface technique but demands more profound knowledge of color and outstanding implementation techniques.

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